Is my office bugged?

A question we are often asked.

Is my office bugged; If this is a question you have found yourself frequently asking, then it is likely a good time to consider conducting a debugging sweep to identify eavesdropping devices or other signs of business espionage activity or privacy invasion.

Initially you may want to undertake this technical assessment yourself via a detailed physical examination of your environment to attempt to identify if any hidden cameras or other electronic devices have been surreptitiously installed.  

A simple local technical inspection, will likely identify crudely installed electronic bugs or other listening devices; by crudely installed we mean quick plant devices or disposable electronic surveillance devices these normally are battery operated or plug-in eavesdropping device which can be installed in seconds.

However, where your business is concerned you may want to consider retaining an electronic countermeasures practitioner or technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) team who specialise in business counter-espionage, and the identification of eavesdropping devices, and concealed camera installations. Not only can these surveillance devices be identified and removed but practical advice can be provided to help detect, defeat and nullify future electronic espionage attempts.

A TSCM specialist will conduct an exhaustive analysis, this detailed local technical inspection will have the backing of a number of items of technical equipment specially designed to evaluate the local environment and identify and answer the question; Is my office bugged?

So, if you have concerns and are questioning ‘is my office bugged’ you have a number of options to quickly identify and reassure yourself either via a DIY local technical inspection or a professional technical surveillance counter measures, debugging sweep.

At Risk3 Consulting, we have been protecting the spoken word in Asia for almost 20 years, and our founder and chief TSCM security ronin, has resided in Hong Kong since 1992. We always take your concerns for your business seriously. We can normally respond to calls for electronic surveillance detection quickly anywhere in Asia. We operate at the highest levels of  confidentiality and integrity and will keep your business eavesdropping investigation as low key as possible. To find out how we can help protect your business and keep your competitive edge please give us a call – away from the suspected area!

What you say in private is your business keeping that way is ours!

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