Electronic Bug Detection Devices

You say peanuts, you get monkeys!

 Economic espionage is big business. The supply of tiny concealed cameras, GSM listening devices, radio frequency microphones and other miniature recording devices manufactured every year, runs into the tens of millions. Manufactures do not manufacture if nobody is buying! eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon as well as other shopping and auction sites all have large number of different spying items for sale. Also available at the same sites are electronic bug detection devices these are supposedly able to detect all electronic surveillance devices the reality is they are unreliable, with limited detection capabilities at best, generate spurious results and lend themselves to providing a false sense of security. Without some training how can you tell if the debugging device is working correctly or at all? 

Even more scary is that some due diligence, management consultancies, private investigators and fraudsters also source their technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) equipment to undertake a debugging, local technical inspection. From eBay and other sights. They charge high consulting fees without the necessary equipment and training to undertake a legitimate technical assessment; call us and we will share our complete major equipment list with you.

If you want to take a DIY approach to debugging your office, meeting room or home, then consult with us and we can put together a series of equipment that works, we can also provide training on same and support you going forward.

At Risk3 Consulting, we have been protecting the spoken word in Asia for almost 20 years, and our founder and chief TSCM security ronin, has resided in Hong Kong since 1992. We always take your concerns for your business seriously. We do not sell electronic bug detection devices however we do provide and can normally respond quickly to calls for onsite Electronic debugging detection sweeps, anywhere in Asia. We operate at the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity and will keep your office eavesdropping detection, business counter espionage investigation as low key as possible. To find out how we can help protect your business and keep your competitive edge please give us a callaway from the suspected area!

What you say in private is your business keeping that way is ours!