TSCM Analysis

Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and most other countries

Technical surveillance countermeasures, TSCM analysis or eavesdropping detection audits closes the gaps between your physical access control and perimeter security, and your IT endpoint and network security. If you’re getting graded A’s for your perimeter and IT security, and you’re not conducting debugging sweepseavesdropping detection audits or TSCM analysis, then your overall grade will be an F. 

Adversaries will always take the easy path, if they cannot access your IT systems to gain the information they seek, then they will try alternative paths to secure the corporate intelligence (your intellectual property) or business strategy they desire Economic espionage, Industrial espionagecorporate espionage or corporate spying costs companies across the globe tens of billions of dollars every year.  

If you are a member of the board of directors, or a senior corporate officer, then you have a fiduciary duty, and a duty of care to the corporation or business to protect intellectual property, business strategy, research and development data and other business related secrets. Undertaking quarterly or biannually TSCM analysis of key areas, such as the boardroom, meeting and conferencing facilities, as well as key offices occupied by the C-suite team, legal department, research and development heads, and other key players within your organisation. 

Eavesdropping devices, are so small, easy to transport, conceal, and operate effectively, sometimes for extended periods or even indefinitely if power is available. are you sure that the areas within your office are free from surreptitiously installed bugging devices, and that it’s safe to talk? Reach out to us to discuss your TSCM analysis requirements, the initial consultation is without cost, and if you do not require our services then we will say so. 

At Risk3 Consulting, we have been protecting the spoken word in Asia for almost 20 years, and our founder and chief TSCM security ronin, has resided in Hong Kong since 1992. We always   take your concerns for your business seriously. We can normally respond to calls for TSCM analysis requests quickly anywhere in Asia. We operate at the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity and will keep your office eavesdropping detection audit, counter espionage investigation as low key as possible. To find out how we can help protect your business and keep your competitive edge please give us a call – away from the suspected area!

What you say in private is your business keeping that way is ours!