Surveillance Camera Detection

even if you cannot see it; we can find it!

Surveillance camera detection is probably the easiest privacy threat to identify; since the camera needs to be able to see you to gain intelligence; it means that a diligent review of the local area you should be able to find it, in most cases. However, you need to be aware that hidden cameras can see through items such as fine mesh and mirror glass and other items, which will obscure them from your view. therefore, without using specialist technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) equipment and undertaking an exhaustive local technical inspection, not all spycams or concealed cameras can be easily identified.

Additional ways to identify surveillance camera detection is a TSCM debugging sweep of the 2.4Ghz spectrum as there are now a number of hidden cameras that operate within the Wi-Fi frequency range and transmit video away from the subject area (other frequencies are 900Mhz and 5.8Ghz) a technical assessment of these frequency’s for concealed cameras should also be undertaken.

A counter-espionage professional who undertakes a full debugging sweep will not only identify surveillance camera detection but also other electronic listening devices such as surreptitiously installed RF bugs, illicit recording devices, as well as GSM network bugging devices and will be able to offer advice to counter privacy invasion.

If you have concerns about surveillance camera detection and you want to be sure your office / meeting room / boardroom is not compromised with hidden cameras or other bugging or recording devices then the best course of action is to undertake regular business counterespionage, debugging sweeps that will detect illegal eavesdropping devices and identify current or future eavesdropping threats and prevent the theft of intellectual property.

At Risk3 Consulting, we have been protecting the spoken word in Asia for almost 20 years, and our founder and chief TSCM security ronin, has resided in Hong Kong since 1992. We always take your concerns for your business seriously. We can normally respond to calls for surveillance camera detection quickly anywhere in Asia. We operate at the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity and will keep your business counter espionage investigation as low key as possible. To find out how we can help protect your business and keep your competitive edge please give us a call – Always call away from the suspected area!

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