Bug Sweeping Hong Kong

Bug sweeping in Hong Kong, also known as technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), local technical inspection, debugging sweep, business counterespionage sweep, eavesdropping device detection, technical assessment, electronic countersurveillance, concealed camera detection or spycam detection.

No matter what name it’s called, it is a highly technical service; undertaken by qualified, highly trained personnel whom deploy a vast amount of electronic eavesdropping detection equipment that identifies the presence of bugging devices such as concealed cameras and spycams, GSM bugging devices, radio-frequency transmitters, as well as miniature recording devices all of which are easily placed or surreptitiously installed in sensitive areas within offices, meeting rooms, and boardrooms.

Bug sweeping in Hong Kong, should also include, corporate vehicles including cars, yachts, and private aircraft. Basically, anywhere where a corporate conversation of a highly sensitive nature takes place should be considered for a full electronic eavesdropping detection sweep. Areas which are sometimes overlooked are off-site meeting venues, such as hotels both roomsoccupied by the C-suite personnel as well as meeting facilities used for off-site meetings, such as board meetings.

A two questions we are most often asked is how “prevalent is eavesdropping in Hong Kong”. And “is my office bugged” Bugging devices, recording equipment, GSM bugging equipment, radio frequency (RF) bugging devices, concealed cameras or spycams, are freely available in Hong Kong as well as online via Internet shops. As we have often said the manufacturers of these devices are growing year-on-year and the devices they sell annually are in the multimillions, manufacturers do not manufacture items that do not sell. Genuinely when we identify bugging devices within offices there is a tendency to identify multiple devices at such locations, thankfully we do not identify bugging equipment on every debugging sweep we undertake, however other security weaknesses are often identified.

At Risk3 Consulting, we have been protecting the spoken word in Asia for almost 20 years, andour founder and chief TSCM security ronin, has resided in Hong Kong since 1992. We always take your concerns for your business seriously. We can normally respond to calls for bug sweeping in Hong Kong quickly as well as anywhere in Asia. We operate at the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity and will keep your business-counterespionage detection program as low key as possible. To find out how we can help protect your business and keep your competitive edge please give us a call  – Always call away from the suspected area!

What you say in private is your business keeping that way is ours!